8 comments on “Is the Beach Overrated?

  1. Sand in your car is a sign of a good Mommy. When my boys were little, every Friday was beach day no matter the season…and they were the ones who were swimming in the frigid water in December and laughing themselves silly while more logical mothers stood and shook their heads. My car always smelled like Johnsons Baby Powder (it makes brushing the sand of little feet easier) and there were always residual grains of sand that refused to be swept away.

    Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts.

  2. The photo is lovely – thanks for sharing! I too have mixed feelings about the beach. With all my photography, very little has actually been done at the beach. Hopefully that will change soon!

  3. Beautiful photo. I have lived near(ish) to a beach (both coasts) my whole life, and honestly am not a beach person either. I love being tan (though try not to be now unless it’s the spray on kind…), but I’d rather soak up sun next to a pool — preferably with a cabana boy wandering around, bringing me drinks! Honestly, I hate having sand in everything, and the beach tends to be windy. I’ve tried surfing, and couldn’t really get into it… I do like to scuba and snorkel… but that doesn’t involve beaches, just oceans. Despite my resistance to sitting on the beach for extended periods, there is something wonderfully attractive about the sound of the water’s ebb and flow, the tiny footprints that my kids leave as they run joyfully about, and the great expanse that runs right out to the horizon…

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